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[Interview] Song Joong Ki: I Want Become Actor Like Leonardo DiCaprio

[Interview] Song Joong Ki: I Want Become Actor Like Leonardo DiCaprio

Source : Yonhap News


Actor Song Joong Ki, who will play his first role as a protagonist in the movie “Love and Cash,” gave an interview at a cafe in Samcheongdong on November 3. Asked about his favorite actor, he answered, “I admire the actor Leonardo DiCaprio and want to become an actor like him. He has excellent acting ability and many charms of his own. And he has successfully transformed into a characteristic actor from his previous image of a ‘pretty boy.’” His answer sounds very natural when considering his own characteristics. It will be his first appearance as a protagonist, but his recognition among audiences is already very high. He has appeared on various programs such as entertainment programs, dramas, and movies, and his appearance looked splendid even though he was not the main character of those programs. It might be because of his beautiful appearance, but his appearance was not his only virtue. He mentioned that he was a very competitive person, and it seemed to be true when looking at his concentration while appearing on any works on TV or on the movie screen.

Song Joong Ki became a star with his appearance in the KBS drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” last year by playing a supporting character named Koo Yong Ha, and he recently left an impressive image in the SBS drama “Deep-rooted Tree” by playing Lee Do. In “Love and Cash,” he enthusiastically presents what he has as an actor by playing the protagonist. His wish to become like DiCaprio does not sound unrealistic at all.

Song Joong Ki said, “I am proud of myself because I can play a protagonist already. I have tried my best up to now, but it was totally thanks to my good luck.” He has many talents and he has been a subject of jealousy among many men, but he personally picked his ability of understanding reality and strong competitive spirit as his strong advantage. He realizes his current situation very well and gives up what he cannot do, and once he begins, he never gives up and tries his best. He used to be a short track speed skater until he was in the third grade in the middle school and he used to dream about becoming a member of the national team. But he realized that he did not have enough talent for that and he gave up.

After he quit skating, he began to study and he received an excellent score at school thanks to his competitive spirit again. He said, “I was wandering after I stopped skating. I was greatly disappointed, and I chose to study instead at that time. I studied not to fall behind, but it was not because I liked to study. After I entered university (Sungkyunkwas University), my goal had changed again, and I usually focused on hanging out with my friends. I had great fun at that time.” He was a member of the university’s broadcasting club, and he worked as an anchorman there. He decided to become an actor when he was a sophomore. He explained, “I had a vague dream of becoming an actor from childhood, but I did not have the conviction. I worried that I might want to become an actor only because of a fantasy about being an actor, and my parents also thought that I did not need to study drama and cinema at the university when I had to choose my major. But I suddenly realized that I had to become an actor with a strong conviction at that moment, so I enrolled in an academy that teaches acting and began to appear in a drama as a supporting actor.”

The most outstanding drama among his acting experiences was “Sungkyunkwan Scandal.” He used to have many young fans before, but he could have older female fans in Korea and Japan after that role. He said, “Koo Yong Ha was not the main actor, and I knew that his appearance would not make up a huge part of the drama, but I really wanted to play the character because I liked the feelings that Koo Yong Ha could deliver. Koo Yong Ha was a pretty boy with feminine taste, but he also looked like a macho man. He also looked very sexy. I thought that many mature female fans could discover his charms (laugh).”

His next drama after one-year break was a historical drama again. He appeared in only four episodes of “Deep-rooted Tree” by playing the young Se Jong. He said, “I had discussed playing a protagonist in another drama at that time, but I chose to appear in ‘Deep-rooted Tree.’ People around me asked why I chose this supporting role who would only appear in four episodes instead of playing a protagonist. But I could be totally immersed in the drama when I first read the script. So I had given up the other opportunity. I worried how I could present this serious and difficult acting while playing the character, but I basically thought that my appearance in only those four episodes was more valuable than appearing in a total of twenty episodes as a protagonist.” After he finished his appearance in the first four episodes of the drama, he recently filmed one more scene with the actor Han Seok Kyu. Song said, “I had felt sorry that I could not act together with the great actor Han Seok Kyu when I filmed my parts in the first four episodes, so I was greatly happy when I heard the news that I had to film one more scene with Han Seok Kyu. I really anticipated appearing with him more than any other time when I appeared with any other beautiful actresses. When he praised my acting, saying, ‘You have done very well up to now,’ I was almost crying with gratitude.”

Song Joong Ki plays an idle young man in “Love and Cash,” which is completely opposite to his previous images. He said, “I play a young man who does not have a job in the movie, but our movie was not focused on dealing with social problems. It is only a romantic comedy movie. My counterpart named Hong Sil in the movie is a very sad character, so I thought that I had to present a pleasant appearance. I tried to present the character’s sadness with a pleasant and light atmosphere.” Asked whether he worried about breaking his previous images, he answered, “I gave up everything about my hairstyle and clothes in the movie because the character does not appeal with his appearance. It was a kind of new challenge to me. I did not want to break my previous images, but I was not afraid of challenging myself. I was also excited to present my different and various appearances.”

Song Joong Ki made a last comment about his future goal of acting, saying, “I am still young. My age, which is twenty-seven years old, is not a young age, but I think that I am still young as an actor. I want to appear in action and noir works, but it is not a good time to do that now. Now I want to focus more on studying and trying different things to find out what is right for me and what is not right for me now.”



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Happy Birthday Our Lovely Song Joong Ki.. ♡♡♡





from this cute baby boy

to be this awesome man

it has been 26 years already..

Happy Birthday Our Beloved Song Joong Ki oppa..

Wishing you a blissful life fulfilled with joy and love..

Be adorable always..

Be success and happy always..

Be smart always..

Shine brightly, smile widely, life happily..

All support and love from Ki Ailes.. ♡♡♡


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Deep-Rooted Tree Casts Revealed

Deep-Rooted Tree Casts Revealed


SBS Drama ” Deep Rooted Tree” will be broadcasted on September,28 2011


Kang Jae-Yoon is a low level guard for the King. He investigates a case involving the serial murders of Jiphyeonjeon scholars in the Gyeongbok Palace 7 days before the issuing of the Korean written language. (Cr. Asainmediawiki )


Han Seok Gyu as King Se Jong

Jang Hyuk as Kang Shae Yoon

Shin Se Kyung as So Yi

Jo Jin Woong as Moo Hyul

Song Joong Ki as King Se Jong (Young)

Kim Ki Bum as Park Paeng Nyeon

Yu Hyun Su as Lee Sun Ji


Yun Jae Moon as Beak Jeong

Sim So Heon as Gung Nyeo

Hyun Woo as Seong Sum Mun


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Song Joong Ki relaxes in Cebu for ‘Vogue Girl’

Actor Song Joong Ki shared some exclusive pictures from a photoshoot in Cebu, Philippines.

The pictorial for fashion magazine “Vogue Girl” reveals a relaxed 27-year-old who’s enjoying a lazy vacation in the beautiful city.

In preparation for his comeback with the film “Penny-Pinching Romance” and the drama “Tree with Deep Roots” the actor says that “In order to swallow the upcoming hectic schedule, (I) found a lot of leisure time through this vacation and photoshoot“.

The photographs of Song Joon Ki’s relaxing summer trip in Cebu will be revealed in the August issue of “Vogue Girl”.

this..this..last pic..  asdfghjklpoiuytrew!! He never showed up his abs before, right?? *Q*

Source: Newsen via Nate

credit : allkpop

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Netizen Comparing Song Joong Ki and Kim Jong Kook’s Forearm — funny~ ^o^

Recently various online community board posted picture comparing actor Song Joong Ki and Kim Jong Kook’s arm. The screenshot from SBS art program ‘Running Man’ shown Kim Jong Kook capturing Haha and was hug by the waist by Song Joong Ki. It is noticeable that Kim Jong Kook has thick forearm compared to Song Joong Ki. Kim Jong Kook’s forearm is nearly three times larger that Song Joong Ki. Netizen commented “I‘m shocked..” and “Three times? It’s shocking”.
SPARTA KOOK vs PRETTY BOY, no wonder.. ^o^
this makes me miss him in Running Man.. T^T
source : Nate

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[News] The 9 Rising “It” Stars of Hallyu! ^o^

CNNGo recently released a list of 9 rising stars of Hallyu who are popular but haven’t really made it really big yet.

Check out who made the list!

1. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki got his breakout role in the historical trendy drama, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and his pretty boy image has fans calling him “Flower Boy Joongki.”

Before Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Joongki was an MC of Music Bank and a regular on the variety show “Running Man,” where he worked with some of the most known comedians such as Yoo Jaesuk. He left Running Man to work on the movie “Many a Little Romance” with Han Yeseul. Another of his recent projects is voicing the character of Blu for the Korean release of the movie “Rio.”


2. Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na rose to popularity with her role in “High Kick Through the Roof” and as Gil Raim’s best friend in “Secret Garden.” She recently starred in the Hong sisters’ drama “The Greatest Love” with Gong Hyojin and Cha Seungwon and is the current MC of the weekly entertainment news program of SBS. She’s also had a chance to show off her vocal chops after years of traning with YG Entertainment in Humming Urban Stereo’s song “You, that day.”


3. Yoo Seungho

Popularly called So Jisub’s younger brother, Yoo Seungho is looking better through the years. Despite his young age (he’s only 17!), his acting skills have gotten him roles alongside some older female actresses and his singing skills had him singing with IU in a recent CF.

Yoo is set to star in SBS’ new drama “Warrior Baek Dong-soo,” which is set to air on July 4th.


4. Secret’s Sunhwa

Secret’s Sunhwa has also made the list. She’s also becoming a popular choice for modeling and acting stints and was recently chosen as the new endorser for cosmetics brand “The Skin House.” She is going to star in a new movie titled “Little Hero” with Jeong Joonho.


5. Kim Soo Hyun

Kim Soo Hyun has received praise for his role as Samdong in “Dream High” and his singing talent. He Is proving to be a triple threat with his acting, singing and modeling stints.

He began filming for “The Professionals,” an action film also starring Jeon Jihyeon, Lee Jeongjae and Kim Hyesook this week.


6. Lee Jang Woo

Eun Jung’s “husband” on “We Got Married”, Lee Jangwoo first rose to fame thanks to his villainous role in “Smile, Donghae.” He is also a part of the collaborative group 24/7.


7. Yoo Ah In

Thanks to his role as the tough and tragic Moon Jaeshin with Song Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Yoo Ah In has rapidly become a noona’s man. What drives them mad is his “real” personality – while on the set of Mnet’s reality show “Launch My Life,” Yoo received a lot of attention for his harsh opinions, even cursing and telling people to “piss off.”

Yoo is presently filming “Wandeugi,” a movie based on a novel about a poor and rebellious student.


8. IU

Making her debut in 2008, IU has only enjoyed massive success as an idol in 2010. Her three-octave song “Good Day,” went on to top online music charts and various music programs. Her down to earth personality seen in reality shows has garnered her the title Korea’s “little sister.”

Despite her flat first performance on Yuna Kim’s “Kiss and Cry,” IU is working hard and gaining approval from the viewers after improving week after week.


9. ZE:A’s Kwanghee

Last on the list is ZE:A’s Kwanghee. Kwanghee is known for his blunt and funny personality on and off screen. He is one of the few idols who is open to the topic of plastic surgery.

On the variety show, “Strong Heart,” Kwanghee said that he admitted that he had to undergo another surgery when his nose collapsed after he winked. He goes on different variety shows talking about his other surgeries and even giving advice on plastic surgery to other stars in a humorous way.

Do you guys think these people will make it big in Hallyu?

definitely yess,, our Joong Ki will.. ^^


source : CNNGo

credit : soompi

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[News] Song Joong Ki Likes Older Women, Denies Being Homosexual


In “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Song Joongki plays the role of Goo Yongha, a character who understands females well but at the same time has a more-than-friends relationship with another male character, Moon Jaeshin (played by Yoo Ahin). Due to the drama’s popularity, when Song Joongki arrived in Taiwan last week to promote the show, he had to emphasize that he is not homosexual. When asked about liking older women, similar to his role in the new film “Penny-Pinching Romance”, Song Joongki responded in Mandarin, “Really good!”

The relationship Song Joongki had in the drama has been a hot topic this past year, even winning the 2010 KBS Drama Awards’ Best Couple Award. Song Joongki revealed that when they were filming couple scenes, Yoochun and Park Minyoung would always laugh at them on the side, making it so embarrassing for them that they would have to re-film. He also addressed the rumours of him and Yoo Ahin not interacting after filming ended, due to awkwardness between them. He revealed, “Yoo Ahin doesn’t have an outgoing personality, so we haven’t really kept in touch after filming. I recently drank with Yoochun and Jaejoong, and Yoochun also mentioned that he couldn’t contact of Yoo Ahin. He joked that maybe Yoo Ahin doesn’t want to keep in touch anymore because he is famous.”

Song Joongki admitted that he has been nicknamed Flower Boy after filming the drama, but wishes everyone to focus on his acting skills. When asked whether he feels awkward filming a show with homosexuality elements, he again emphasized, “I’m not homosexual, but an actor should always try to improve his acting skills, and thus it is good to try.”

The 25-year-old is involved in a relationship with an older woman in his new film, “Penny-Pinching Romance”. Although he has not had any experience with dating an older woman in real life, he has stated he is open to dating older women within five years of his age. Song Joongki feels that dating older women would give him a sense of security, as he would comfortably depend on her.

Aside from relationships, Song Joongki also revealed his skincare routines. He expressed that he has used sunscreen lotion since middle school. Due to his status as a celebrity, skincare has become a regular routine for him. In relation to getting plastic surgery, he expressed, “I don’t have anything that I want to get plastic surgery for. It’s good if getting plastic surgery boosts your confidence, but you can’t go overboard.” He then revealed that he is most satisfied with his eyes.

source : Liberty Times

credit : Koreaboo

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