[111002] Song Joong Ki at Yoo Ah In Fan Meeting Recap

16 Oct

Who Do Miss This GeolRim Couple ?? ^o^

Here is a recap of Ah In meeting Joong Ki at his recent fan-meeting. The event was recounted by Alice-nim(엘리스님) and translated into English by Jamie. K at World of Ainism. The comments made in (______) are Jamie’s. Notice that I have slightly reformatted the post.

~With happy birthday music playing in background Song Joong Ki enters the stage pushing Ah in’s BDay cup cakes. Crowd goes totally crazy~~~~~~!!!!!

Yoo Ah In puts his hand lightly around Soong Joong Ki first on the waist and when Joong Ki is finally at the middle of the stage, they hug~~~

MC: Hello!
SJK: Hello!
MC: Will you say few words, please come more to the front.

~I can hear a fan saying “omg~ he looks so fit!”~ (and yes! he looked fit, beautiful and gorgeous^^)

SJK: Hello, I’m Song Joong Ki. (he goes over to Ah in and pats him on the back and Ah in him pats SJK on his back too!)
MC: It’s good to have you.

~SJK and Ah in looks at each other~ (OMG~~~)

MC: From what I know you’ve done this before, appearing with  a BDay cake.
SJK: Yes, a year ago.
MC: And here you are doing it again today.
SJK: Yes.
YAI: I feel guilty….
MC: I guess you are not so busy these days. (to SJK, btw MC for this event was same MC from “rising star”, she’s funny^^)
SJK: I really didn’t have anything to do today.

MC: You’re our surprise cameo guest tonight but you haven’t seen Ain in a while right?


SJK: To tell the truth, this is really awkward right now, since we were awarded “best couple”…..anyway, haven’t seen Ain in a long time. (Pats Ah in on the back, then says) I’ll just go now (jokingly and tries to walk off^^)

~Ah in stops him~~

MC: Has it really been a year since?
SJK: It has been about a year right?(to Ah in)
YAI: We did bump into each other time to time at award shows….
MC: They don’t even remember where exactly. (to the audience)
SJK: Ain’s been busy shooting a movie so……
YAI: You are really making feel guilty.
MC: Why does he talk as if he’s mad that you came? (to SJK)
SJK: That’s just his way.
MC: That is so true. Because we knew you were coming, we prepared a small segment for you to participate in.
SJK: Really? We are just gonna dive right in?
MC: Yes! That’s right, right now and it’s call “YAI, SJK PLEASE BE FRIENDS~~~”

~Audience goes wild~~~~!!! SJK just laughs and YAI starts pasting…….

SJK: Actually, this is a very good segment! (he looks and points at YAI) That guy, hey~ who do you think you are man~~ You are hurting my feelings!~~~~~^^
MC: Awww~ He’s feeling are hurt Ah in. Shouldn’t you do something about that?
YAI: I’ll do my best to make it better!
MC: Ok, let’s start with Q#1. There’s rumor that your friendship has become kind of awkward. Could you tell us why and how?

~People came out to get the cup cakes out of the way~

MC: Please stand closer. (to Ah in and SJK)

~ With cake out of the way, they stand right next to each other, side by side. Crowd goes wild again!!!!~ (I must say they do look fantastic standing next to each other like that and I can see why people were talking, they look GOOD~ together^_~)

MC: Woooo~ Ah in, not having much fun are you?

~ SJK touches Ah in on his neck and back~~

SJK: No~ no~ It’s not like that at all. Lot of reporters asked me if our friendship has gotten weird after “best couple” and as a joke, I said yes and it all got blown out of proportion……Maybe we should hold hands (to Ah in and holds Ah in’s hand brifly)

~Crowd screams happily~~~^^

So after very brief hand holding:

SJK: When did we meet for the first time? Was it at the meeting?
(I think he’s referring to a meeting they must’ve had prior to shooting SKKS with the actors)
YAI: Yes, I believe so.
SJK: Back then……It was awkward as well.


MC: Didn’t you have your own image of Ah in before that meeting?
SJK: We never met before that meeting nor have I seen him before. However, Ah in was just as I predicted him to be. I thought he might be bit sassy and he was, and I thought he might be quiet and he was. While shooting SKKS we (including the managers) used to eat together often, but aside from talking while we were acting, he didn’t really talk at all…Although Ah in wasn’t very talkative, I knew he had a kind heart.
MC: How was it for you Ah in?
YAI: Once Joong Ki-”Hyung” (so cute^^) told me that there’s some talk, not so good talk, about me going around, he said he didn’t care about that. It’s not important. (SJK: Ah~~ that beer hut^^)
Ah in continues: He said just try to behave from now on
SJK: I wonder what made me have that talk????
YAI: Inside my head, I was thinking, what about my behavior!? But you know I am able to talk about all this now because we really don’t have any bad feelings towards each other and as actors we try and aim to act with our hearts, so there’s no need for other unnecessary words. We didn’t need to talk. I didn’t care to talk because we were already in a environment that was making us close friends. As you all know (he points to the audience) our “relationship.”


MC: The relationship between Geol-oh and Yeorim played a big part in SKKS. While you were filming, was there a time when you thought “wow,” we really do have very good chemistry?
SJK: (Looks at Ah in and ask) Can you think of any?
MC: Make one up! Make one up!
YAI: We actors, we look at each others eyes when we speak (Not sure if he means while they are acting) and we do use that time to get to know each other….
SJK: I was monitoring myself (I guess actors do that…) watching SKKS~ Ain pats SJK on his back~~( gosh~ they are so touchy^___^)
SJK: I don’t remember doing such a heart breaking scene, not even with female co-stars and after shooting that scene I started to love Ah in even more~
(check out the video below, I think he’s talking about 2;17~4;44)
~Crowd goes wild!!!!~~~~~~

SJK: No! Not like that!!
MC: Why not?

~(audience) “Totally can”~~~~~

MC: Have you ever met outside of work?
SJK: Sure but after SKKS no~~~I think even during SKKS our schedules were so tight that we really didn’t have time to get together
MC: But you two have met before filming started for SKKS right?
SJK: Yes, but as YuChun said earlier (BDay video message), it’s hard to get in touch with him.
MC: So when you and YuChun get together, the topic must be “can’t get in touch with Ah in!”


MC: Ok, I see. Then tell us, when you guys did meet outside of filming SKKS, what did you guys talk about?
SJK: Well, as I said earlier, our teams (their managers, cordis and etc) did eat together often but Ah in’s so quiet he really didn’t say anything much, and I heard that Ah in is so quiet that he doesn’t even speak to his manager. You’ve seen him, kind of heavy set “hyong”-nim (he means Jae Min). But as Ah in said, don’t really need too much talking between guys.
MC: How about you Ah in, what do you think?
YAI: About what?
MC: Topic on what you guys talk about!
SJK: Man~ I feel little awkward
MC: Reason I keep asking what you guys talk about is, it can be very uncomfortable when there’s too much silence when people get together, maybe it’s just me~~^^
YAI: I think it was ok because Joong Ki-”hyung” filled the silence for the both of us

~(SJK does open and close hand gesture of himself being a chatter box and that’s when Ah in touches SJK’s arm, I think to let him know that’s not what he meant but what came out was)~

YAI: Wow~ have you been working out?
SJK: Yes~ I wanted to look good for you

~Crowd goes CRAZY~~~~~~(me too!^^)

So after SJK said ” Yes, I wanted to look good for you. (I know it still gives me the shivers, good kind^_~) The crowd went crazy while Ah in paces and laughs.

YAI: YOU are so good at this. (to SJK)
MC: Do you think, how you guys discribed each other is correct? And I do agree that Ah in doesn’t speak much


YAI: Hummm~ yeah~ I think what he said about me is correct. Even without saying actual words, you know when you like someone. I’m trying to say I like him…
SJK: I’m going to tell you the most attractive quality about Ain, not because I’m here as his guest. Ah in’s most attractive quality is the fact that he’s very honest and true to himself, so even though he’s too quiet, it’s fine and I believe that is the reason why his fans love him so much.

~ Applause~~~~

SJK: The show that really explored his attractive quality is that M-Net program^^


MC: That’s right~
SJK: When I watched the show, I was like “that’s true portrayal of Ah in”
MC: I thought so too! Well, we are almost at end of this segment. What did you think?Hope we didn’t embarrass you too much. I also feel we gave you a big shovel. (I think she means they made him dig his own grave^^)
SJK: Maybe you better stand in between us, (and pulls MC in between him and Ah in then he pushes her back to where she was and says)
SJK: No! I don’t want you to!

~Crowd goes wild again!!!~~~~

MC: We can feel the love between them right? So, what did you think of all this?
SJK: This, you mean tonight? Btw, I actually dropped some cup cakes earlier….
MC: No one cares about that……
SJK: Is there any more special guests after me?
MC: No~ no one, you are the only one!
SJK: Well, thank you for having me and hope fans are having a great time, Ah in and I will have our own private get together later…
(SJK looks over at Ah in, Ain comes over to pat him on the back) AGAIN^_~

~Fans “answer his call”~~~(to Ah in)

SJK: Did you change your#? (to Ah in)
YAI: No, I still have my old#
SJK: Really?
YAI: As well as new ones.
SJK: Ahh~ ok, I see..
MC: Ah in, do you feel closer to him now?
YAI: First off, I feel guilty, “Hyung” has such a wonderful personality I just feel ashamed. I’m somewhat up tight and don’t really care for get-togethers but he’s so out there and cool. I feel guilty and also very thankful that he’s here as tonight’s surprise guest.
SJK: They told me a month ago about this fan meeting and asked me to come as a surprise guest, and because I really wanted to surprise him, I asked people we both know not to say anything to him, but I may have made things more awkward by doing that after all….


MC: Wow~ so Ah in are gonna keep in touch?

(This part I’m not 100% sure cause it I couldn’t hear too well but…)
~Some fans said, ” he’s “Hyung” so you should call him first”~~

YAI: I will try to call him first.
SJK: Hyung will call you first.

~~Fans SCREAM!!!!~~~

Ah in paces again.
YAI: Well, that’s….not really….don’t know what to…..
SJK: I’m making him squirm.
MC: This is like watching a drama.
YAI: I’ll try to be more open.
(SJK laughs and punch Ain on his shoulder gently)
MC: Last thing, few words to each other, feel free to look into each others eyes~(she’s bouncing off what Ah in said earlier, funny girl~)


SJK turns first to face Ah in, to look into his eyes (he’s so good^___^)
~Fans go CRAZY again while Ah in laughs and paces~~~

MC: What’s wrong with him? (she means Ah in^^)
(SJK faces the audience again and say)
SJK: This just doesn’t feel right, among two men. (I think what he actually meant was, among two healthy straight men^^…..)
MC: Are you embarrased? ( to Ah in)
SJK: There’s many things I want to say to Ain but we should do that over drinks. Everyone~ I hear Wandeugi is a wonderful movie. I’m looking forward to seeing it and I’ll be greatful if all of you can go see it as well.


MC: Ah in you should say few words to Joongi hyung-nim as well
YAI: Wooh~~ This is difficult. (I think he means this segment)
MC: Maybe you should make a video message to make it easier for you^^

(Ah in touches SJK on his shoulder) * Stop touching each other you guys are driving me crazy~~~* ^o^

YAI: Well, as I said I feel guilty.
SJK: You can’t get around it by keep saying that.
YAI: I see now that I’m uncool.
SJK: It’s getting little too serious now. (and he laughs^^)
YAI: I truly meat what I said ealier and hope “Tae-Kheol-Moa”(SJK’s new movie) will do very well too.
MC: Time has come for us to let SJK go.

~Fans whine~~

MC: We don’t want to but we have to, we still got Ah in.


MC: I think we should give them few minutes back stage to catch up, alright?

And we all seen that picture of them two leaving the stage with hands around each others waists, kya~~~~~!!


This is a fan-made poster for the couple, inspired by Joong Ki’s upcoming movie Many A Little Romance with Han Ye Seul.

source : ainism.livejournal

credit : yooahinhaven.wordpress

reshared by : WithJoongKi



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  1. digital_di

    October 27, 2011 at 12:12 PM

    I am so in love with these two, especially Joong Ki. I love his playfulness and easy going persona. thanks for posting this, i wish i can watch the event broadcasted.

  2. aqis shay (@aqishay)

    August 28, 2012 at 4:51 PM

    waaa….tqvm for the recap!!!….SJK truly a kind-hearted man….love him!

  3. huda

    January 6, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    they really suit w each other. joong ki is really kind hearted and ah in is so cute 🙂

  4. starish6

    February 22, 2013 at 10:13 PM

    Oh my God~!! I think Joong Ki and Ah In are totally meant for each other. ♥-♥ XD
    They’re so cute and awkward…Ha ha, I love how Ah In gets embarrassed so easily~

  5. mimi

    May 23, 2013 at 9:54 AM

    wahhh i want to see it on video does anyone have it

  6. samansa

    May 26, 2014 at 4:45 AM

    tnx it was greaaaaaaaattttt!!!!


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