[News] Song Joong Ki Likes Older Women, Denies Being Homosexual

20 Jun


In “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, Song Joongki plays the role of Goo Yongha, a character who understands females well but at the same time has a more-than-friends relationship with another male character, Moon Jaeshin (played by Yoo Ahin). Due to the drama’s popularity, when Song Joongki arrived in Taiwan last week to promote the show, he had to emphasize that he is not homosexual. When asked about liking older women, similar to his role in the new film “Penny-Pinching Romance”, Song Joongki responded in Mandarin, “Really good!”

The relationship Song Joongki had in the drama has been a hot topic this past year, even winning the 2010 KBS Drama Awards’ Best Couple Award. Song Joongki revealed that when they were filming couple scenes, Yoochun and Park Minyoung would always laugh at them on the side, making it so embarrassing for them that they would have to re-film. He also addressed the rumours of him and Yoo Ahin not interacting after filming ended, due to awkwardness between them. He revealed, “Yoo Ahin doesn’t have an outgoing personality, so we haven’t really kept in touch after filming. I recently drank with Yoochun and Jaejoong, and Yoochun also mentioned that he couldn’t contact of Yoo Ahin. He joked that maybe Yoo Ahin doesn’t want to keep in touch anymore because he is famous.”

Song Joongki admitted that he has been nicknamed Flower Boy after filming the drama, but wishes everyone to focus on his acting skills. When asked whether he feels awkward filming a show with homosexuality elements, he again emphasized, “I’m not homosexual, but an actor should always try to improve his acting skills, and thus it is good to try.”

The 25-year-old is involved in a relationship with an older woman in his new film, “Penny-Pinching Romance”. Although he has not had any experience with dating an older woman in real life, he has stated he is open to dating older women within five years of his age. Song Joongki feels that dating older women would give him a sense of security, as he would comfortably depend on her.

Aside from relationships, Song Joongki also revealed his skincare routines. He expressed that he has used sunscreen lotion since middle school. Due to his status as a celebrity, skincare has become a regular routine for him. In relation to getting plastic surgery, he expressed, “I don’t have anything that I want to get plastic surgery for. It’s good if getting plastic surgery boosts your confidence, but you can’t go overboard.” He then revealed that he is most satisfied with his eyes.

source : Liberty Times

credit : Koreaboo

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One response to “[News] Song Joong Ki Likes Older Women, Denies Being Homosexual

  1. onions

    June 26, 2011 at 9:58 AM

    i love how open-minded he is for playing such a role :)))


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