[News] Stars Join UNICEF’s Birthday Donation Project for Less Fortunate Children

15 Jun

The Korean committee for UNICEF has started a birthday donation campaign for sponsoring children around the world.

This birthday campaign is one in which a person can have their friends and family give gifts of mosquito nets, insecticides, malnutrition treatment, and measles prevention vaccine, among other things, that will give aid to a child in need on their birthday.

This campaign strives to have a day in which everybody does the meaningful act of helping a child in need.

People can register their birthday on the birthday donation website and choose which gifts they would like to receive. Afterwards, they can send the message to their friends.

Movie actor An Sung Ki, announcer Son Bum Soo, actress Lee Bo Young, among other UNICEF spokespeople and celebrities, including Son Ho Young, Yoo Seung Ho, 2PM, Kim Bum, Wonder Girls, miss A, San E, Joo, Sung Yuri, Eugene, Kim Gyuri, Song Joong Ki, Park Min Young, Lee Chung Ha, Lee Kwang Soo, John Park, and Seo Kyung Duk, have participated in the promotional video and birthday campaign as well.

The secretary general of the Korean committee for UNICEF, Park Dong Woon, said,

About 8 million children die before they can celebrate their 5th birthday. Through my birthday donation I can give the gift of a birthday to a poor child. Once a year, people celebrate their birthdays with their acquaintances, if that day were to become a day of donation, I anticipate that it will be a way in which people can joyfully experience donations in their normal lives.

The videos of UNICEF’s Birthday Donation Campaign

he’s doing twirl.. how cute ^w^

Source: Newsen viaNate

credit : allkpop

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